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If you still have a question, please don't hesitate to email me at

  • What if no one in my business has any time to work on the website design with you?
    That is not a problem at all and is a common position to be in. All I require is very basic information about the business and what you want to be able to achieve from the website. I can get this information through a very quick phone call or email exchange. Then you can leave the rest to me.
  • What if i forget something and want to make updates to the website later on or halfway through the design process?
    I am very used to this and am always happy to continue making updates - free of charge - either during the design stage or once the website has gone live.
  • Will I be able to use my existing website address?
    Yes of course. Once you are happy with your new design, I will be able to change the website address over seamlessly.
  • Is it possible for my website to be viewed in another language?
    I can build all my websites with a multi-lingual function. This will help to increase your customer base by displaying your website in many languages.
  • Will there be extra costs for photos you need to source for my website?
    I have access to thousands of professional photos that can be used free of charge. It is very rare that I have to charge a customer extra for photos to be used on their website.
  • Will my customers be able to access the website from their mobiles and tablets?
    Yes. All my websites can be viewed on any device. They all look great no matter what screen size they are viewed on.
  • Will my customers be able to access my Instagram & Facebook accounts from my website?
    I can include links to your LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook TikTok or Instagram profiles from your website.
  • Do you outsource any work?
    I undertake all the work myself and never outsource anything. In this way, there is always an easy communication exchange between myself and my customers so that their websites are built, exactly how they want them, to the highest quality and as quickly as possible.
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